Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Trip West 1: highlights


1) The drives there and back, marked by light traffic, good weather, and a relaxed mood. We stayed in so-so and very good motels, never phoned ahead, always found accommodation that was at least acceptable. But we also now know which ones to avoid. Ate well, especially breakfasts: two eggs over easy, bacon, toast and coffee always works. Ate twice at Rossport's Serendipity Cafe: excellent food, lovely view over Rossport Bay.

2) Family: we saw almost everybody, only Peter Edenloff couldn't make it to Camrose while we were there. More later.

3) The hike up Parker Ridge, the flying of the kite, and the memorial service for Mum and Dad.

4) Railways in Jasper (CNR and VIA) and Schreiber (Northern Ontario CPR). And a surprising number of trains on the prairies, l-o-o-o-ong trains!

5) The Costume Museum, Drumheller and area, Donalda Art Gallery, Camrose railway museum. More later.

6) Maligne Canyon, the art gallery at Jasper Park Lodge, Maligne Lake, the Rockies, Pembina River gorge, Sunwapt Falls.

7) Time together with no deadlines, no meetings, no stuff we had to do.

And that's it for tonight.