Sunday, June 02, 2013

Marcel Gagné. Moving to Linux (2004)

     Marcel Gagné. Moving to Linux (2004) A clear and readable manual of how to set up Linux, how to use its features, and how to use the most common applications, including what sound like some cool games. Gagné obviously loves Linux, knows it very well, and has a an elevated regard for his own wit. A very good book that I would recommend to anyone with enough confidence in his or her computer skills to contemplate making the switch from Windows to Linux. Now, I really must get going on doing just that... *** (2005)
     Update 2013: I've tried several versions of Linux, and have settled on Mint, a variant of Ubuntu, which was pretty good until the devs concocted something they called the Unity desktop. Awful. Almost as bad as the new Windows 8. I have Mint on an old laptop, which I take with me when we travel, as Linux-based machines are more secure when using a public wi-fi. Few manufacturers make Linux drivers for current hardware,m though, so I don't have Linux on any of our other machines. On the other hand, Mint automagically recognised the TV when I plugged it in. Nice. Downside: the old laptop is too slow to play HD videos.

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