Thursday, June 12, 2014

A warning about clickable links (Update)

I checked one of my posts today, and it's littered with clickable links that take you to bad websites. If you click, you get a pop-up that offers information about some products. I checked one, and Web of Trust warned that the website was evil. It looks like someone has infected

Do Not Click on any of these links. Any link that insert has been and will be intrioduced with "More information here" or some such phrase.

I checked another blog, and  the same thing happened, but not immediately, so it could be just a local infection. I'll be checking on that.

Update: The computer was infected with something called "coupon loader", that presented itself as an extension to Firefox. I had neglected to install Vipre. When I did install Vipre, it found the installer and eliminated it.
Update 2: However, Coupon Loader still existed as a program. I deleted the relevant program folders in C:/Program Files and C:/Program Files (x86), and that fixed the problem.

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