Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ladies of the Chorus (1948)

     Ladies of the Chorus (1948) [D: Phil Karlson. Adele Jergens, Marilyn Monroe, Rand Brooks] A mother (Jergens) and daughter (Monroe) are both members of a chorus line. A wealthy young man sees the daughter, falls in love, and offers marriage. The mother objects on grounds of class, but a weekend at the young man’s home, where his mother reveals herself as a thoroughgoing democrat and romantic, clears up all obstacles, and everything comes up roses, as they say. The acting is competent, the movie-making also, this is the kind of double-bill filler that Hollywood churned out by the thousands, or so it seems. Later, the movie-makers would apply the same techniques for making content for TV from sitcoms to dramas. A pleasant hour of entertainment, a cut or two above the average for this genre. **½

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