Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Carola Dunn. To Davy Jones Below (2001)

Carola Dunn. To Davy Jones Below (2001) Daisy and Alec are married, after a couple of weeks in Sussex, they are on their way to the USA on the Talavera. The cast includes Gotobed, a British millionaire, and his wife Wanda, an ex-chorus girl of uncertain age; Arbuckle, an American millionaire; Philip, Daisy’s cousin, and Gloria, Arbuckle’s daughter; Miss Oliphant, a devotee of herbal remedies; Pertwee and Welford, a couple of card sharks; and assorted other characters useful as witnesses and talking scenery. Nicely done fluff, with just enough sleuthing to lull the inattentive reader into pleasant reveries.
      Alec is asked to investigate what at first looks like an accident, but subsequent events are clearly either murder or attempted murder. He’s seasick, which gives Daisy the excuse she needs to ‘vestigate. Between them, and a couple of facts radioed to the ship but not revealed to the reader, a solution of sorts is devised. It fits the facts, but does not make a case for prosecution. Still, it’s best that Alec can do, so all’s well that ends well. **½

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