Wednesday, June 03, 2015

The Mitford Snowmen (2001) & Esther’s Gift (2002)

     Jan Karon. The Mitford Snowmen (2001) & Esther’s Gift (2002) Two Christmas cards disguised as books. The Snowmen even includes a note from Hallmark offering “products” related to the story. It’s pleasant little squib: one of the merchants starts building a snowman, the others join in, and the mayor appoints herself as judge, giving everyone doughnuts and cocoa as a prize. The Gift is an orange-marmalade cake, which Esther’s husband computes costs $43. But Esther decides to give seven of them, as she always has. Recipe included, and it looks good.
     Nicely made objects, essential for anyone collecting Karon’s Mitford series, but of merely passing interest to anyone else. I’d like a sample of that cake, though. **

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