Saturday, November 07, 2015

Agatha Christie. Evil Under The Sun

     Agatha Christie. Evil Under The Sun (1941) Poirot is resting his little grey cells at an expensive holiday resort. A woman who attracts men as honey attracts flies dies of unnatural causes, and none of the obvious suspects fit the crime. So Poirot wakes up his little grey cells, and shows that the crime must have been committed at a different time than initially believed, as deduced from the evidence of one of the two people who planned and carried out the murder. The widower and one of the suspects, who have know each other since childhood, will marry, which makes the man's child (who felt guilty because she hated her stepmother) very happy.
     This novel is one of the group dramatised for TV by A&E. Well done videos, albeit lacking much of the subtlety of the text. 1-1/2 hours is insufficient room for developing those nuances of character that Christies hinted at in her dialogue. The BBC dramatised the Poirot short stories (one of which uses a nearly identical plot as this novel), a wise decision, I think. The few that were based on novels were done as two- or even three- parters. But the BBC was not bound by rigid schedules of time and money. A good read. ***

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