Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Theatre of the Mind (2005)

      Jay Ingram. The Theatre of the Mind (2005). I re-read this because of a newsgroup thread about free-will, conscious vs conscious learning, etc. There’s obviously a lot of half-knowledge and mistaken assumptions out there. This book is 10 years old, but much of the research Ingram refers to is still not well known. Nor is it out of date.
      Two take-aways this time round:
      a) Our conscious mental life is like the glitter on the surface of the water.
      b) “Who can tell the dancer from the dance”?
     An excellent introduction to the problem of consciousness. Ingram doesn’t answer the central question, and doesn’t pretend to. He thinks there will always be a mystery at the core of consciousness, and I think I agree. ****

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