Thursday, April 07, 2016

Cathy: Life, the Universe, and Everything. In a comic strip.

     Cathy Guisewite. Cathy Twentieth Anniversary Collection (1996) Our local paper used to run Cathy. We liked it then and we still like it, so Marie snapped up this book when she saw it at the Soo Library used-books room. I started reading it right away, and finished it the next day. Cost $1, worth every penny.
     Guisewite has the eye and ear for not only fashionable foolishness but also the underlying constants of human life. Self-confidence. Peer pressure. Obligations to work, family, friends. Conflicting demands on our time, our energy, our emotions. Amazing that we not only survive but from time to time may relish moments of calm and joy.
     Sample: Eating lunch, Cathy thinks: French croissants... French Brie... English biscuits... Italian pasta... Italian ices... Danish ice cream... Grecian pastries... Swiss fudge... Austrian chocolates... I used to feel fat. Now I feel global.
     I like the reference to Austrian chocolates. Highly recommended. The book too. ***

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