Saturday, April 08, 2017

Comments? Ads or not?

     I've noticed a gratifying uptick in traffic to this blog. Thanks to all of you who read it. Please comment. I'd like to know what you like and don't like, and why. I write to please myself, but I also write to be read. I won't change what and how I write, but your comments would certainly help me choose what to publish.
     Google woud like to put ads here. No surpise! If I decide to allow it, I would have some control over the advertising. Please let me know whether placing ads here would be too objectionable to contemplate, or what kinds of ads would be acceptable. The incentive for me is that Google pays. Obviously, the more readers, the higher the pay, so it's tempting.
     I moderate comments, they don't appear automatically. Please indicate if you don't want me to publish your comments.


Judy Martin said...

please Wolf - no ads. I don't believe they bring more people in - I believe they distract from the true content of your blog.

thank you very much for the comment you just left on my blog today - It comes in automatic do not reply and so I came over here to tell you how moved I am by it. So raw and brave.


peter pferk said...

OOOOH< please no ads