Friday, May 08, 2015

A Mourning Wedding (2004)

     Carola Dunn. A Mourning Wedding (2004) Daisy Fletcher has travelled to the Haverhill country home to assist at her friend Lucinda’s wedding. Lucinda’s Aunt Eva is murdered sometime during the night, and almost immediately Det. Supt. Alec Fletcher is ordered to investigate. Of course it’s a family member who’s responsible. Daisy supplies the nudge needed, of course. Lucinda’s uncertainty about getting married is happily resolved. Oh, and Daisy’s pregnant. So that’s all right.
     Another nicely done pastiche of the English country house mystery set on the 1920s. Dunn is good at keeping the story moving, and at drawing characters just far enough off the stereotypical that we blissfully accept them as real long enough to get to the end of the story. Well done puzzle, too. **½

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