Artist Trading Cards I

Artist Trading Cards are made on 2-1/2" x 3-1/2" card stock. there's a thriving sub-culture of people who make and trade them. Use any medium/media you like. Apparently using heavy collage materials is frowned upon, but otherwise anything goes. I don't know whether other people make multiples, print multiple copies, or make short series of prints, but so far all mine are one of a kind. If you like these, please comment. If you don't like them please comment. Whatever, please comment.

The Big Kahuna
Gel pen and Sharpie
Cheshire Cat
Gel pen
I made a greeting card out of this one.
 Target Practice

Morgan & Wolf Made a Picture, December 2011
Gel pen, coloured pencil.
I used this for a stamp made by Picture Postage, Canada Post's custom stamp design service. Find it here.

Homage to Hepworth I, because I like her pieces with holes in them.
Sharpie, marker pen, gel pen

Homage to Hepworth II
Sharpie, marker pen
Secret Smile I  I doodle, then make faces out of them. Or other more or less recognisable objects.
Sharpie, gel pen, collage

Secret Smile II  I use gel pens a lot. They come in odd colours.

 Birds and Worms, if you like. Or whatever else you see.
Gel pen.

Untitled 2012-A  I've always liked doing collages.  They rarely start with a plan, just a notion that a couple or three things would go together well.
Untitled 2012-B Collage, gel pen
Harlequin's Dance
Gel pen, collage.

 ATC 045
 Gel pen, marker, collage
ATC 040
Marker pen

ATC-059 2^8

ATC 076
Mixed media & collage
ATC 059 Creeping Woman
Gel pen, marker pen
ATC 069


Anonymous said...

I like the geometrical cards


Iza said...

Love your drawing and use of bold colours!