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Asiatic lilies, 2017 08 10. Photogrpahed at dusk, with flash on, which darkens the background.

Asiatic Poppy, 2017 06 17

Front Yard , 2017 06 17

Heavenly Blue Morning Glory 2016 09 09

Bloodroot, Monday 19th May 2014.  Sanguinaria Canadensis

Poppies, Sunday 16 June 2013
The low evening light made the petals glow.

Three pictures of our garden in May 2013

Our garden in 2012 and earlier

A corner of our garden on an overcast day. The fairy was a gift, and we've become attached to her. We've seen goldfinches and other birds at the bird bath.

A yucca blossom. The blooming spike is one to two feet (30-60cm) high. the whole stalk can exceed six feet (180cm). The blossoms are about 1-1/2" (35mm) wide. The blooms lasted about a week.

The same corner as above, on a sunny day. The red flecks in the background are poppies. The tomato plants have produced tomatoes now.

Oriental poppies. The flowers are 6-8" (9-12cm) across. We also have scarlet ones.

 White bearded iris. This has been divided once, and will likely be divided again this year.

Clematis "Pink Champagne". This one blooms first. Two of the other three clematis will open blooms within the nest two or three days. The fourth will take another two or three weeks. Apart from occasional mild feeding, we just leave the alone.

Siberian iris and bleeding hearts. The iris grows at groudn level, the bleeding heart on a raised bed two feet higher.

A day lily in summer 2012.
We have several oriental poppies, big showy flowers whose petals look like silk. This is one of the red ones.
 Yellow iris. These don't multiply as fast as the ordinary purple varieties, but they make a good show in June & July.
 We're were lucky to see some Monarch caterpillars, but we don't know how many pupated and turned into butterflies. I hope we get more this year. But the sharp reduction in Monarchs, as reported in Scientific American and other places, doesn't bode well.

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