Historical Photos: Series 1

Eaton's Centre parking garage, Toronto, July 1977. Eaton's was still going strong. It took twenty years of mismanagement and complacency to destroy it. All photos on this page copyright.

Making donuts, Golden Bakery, Blind River, 1979. The bakery provided excellent bread and pastries and cakes and donuts for many years until Marge Zeuke died. Her husband Kurt ran the bakery for a while, then shut it up and moved away. Marge was a no nonsense woman with a sentimental streak, and was especially fond of children. Kurt was shy, but a very good baker. He suffered terribly from arthritis, which bent him almost double. They had no children.The bakery has had several tenants, including a doctor's clinic.

Acklands and other businesses along highway 17, Blind River, July 1983. None of the businesses exist anymore. the highway has been widened. Although this photo breaks every "good photo" rule, I like it.

Barns along Highway 12 near Coldwater (west of Orillia), March 1973. The highway has since been rerouted to pass over the railway line, and this view is no longer possible. We were returning from a trip to Toronto during March Break when I took this photo..

Highway 17 West of Sudbury, March 1988, near the western end of the four lane stretch.

 Three photos of Edmonton 11 August 1978: 104th St bridge, Low Level Bridge, and MacDonald Hotel. Copyright.

The 17 Restaurant, Blind River, in September or October 1978. The space next door has housed many businesses over the years, but the restaurant merely changed owners (and cuisine). Today, the restaurant offers free wi-fi.

Algoma Hotel fire, August 1972. This was located a few miles east of Blind River on Highway 17. It had a reputation as a sleazy fun joint. We had just moved to Blind River, and were returning from Elliot Lake when we happened on the fire. The remains of the parking lot are still visible. Young's Autobody is across the road.

A long-gone building in the McFadden Mill yard, February 1978. McFadden was bought by Domtar, which closed the mill in 1972 just before we moved to Blind River. Most of the buildings have been torn down now.

Digging the new sewer tunnel under highway 17 and the Canadian Pacific Railway line, Blind River, Ontario, November 1985. After digging this trench, the crew tunnelled through to other side to the new treatment plant.

I think this is the clean-out door on the slash burner at the McFadden Mill site. The only note I have is the date: February 1978.

This is the end of Series 1.


pferk said...

some neat views


Bucky Beever said...

People still talk about the legendary Golden Bakery to this day.