Thursday, February 18, 2016

Morse: Deadly Slumber (1993)

      Deadly Slumber (1993) [D: Stuart Orme. John Thaw, Kevin Whateley, James Grout, Jason Durr et al] The owner of a private clinic dies in what looks like an accident or suicide. Prime suspect: the father of a girl who was severely brain-damaged four years earlier when the nurse acting as anesthesiologist made a mistake. A typical Morse plot, with Morse twice sure that he has the killer, and twice noticing a minor detail that doesn’t fit. The mood as always is elegiac. This time, parental love is the focus. Well scripted, well acted, well paced, a pleasure to watch and to mull over. I’ve read most of the Morse novels, and I think the TV series is better than the books. This one is "based on the characters". ***

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